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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kimberly Paige ~ Mrs. Twin Falls 2011

What better way to celebrate Valentines day then to donate to Locks of Love. I decided that it was time to donate my hair, and what a crazy experience that was. I am so glad that I did it and I hope that who ever gets my hair feels the love I am sending with it!

I have been working with the YMCA's new Lose It program since I have had Allie. Gilly has helped me through every step of the way and I am so happy to be of help to others in the program also.

Thank you for this wonderful experience and the constant support!

Kimberly Paige

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America 2011 NEW BLOG

We now have a new blog for 2011..... Visit Follow Kristie Bear Mrs. Idaho America 2011 on the new blog. We will post pictures from the 2011 pageant, Kristie's appearances and Mrs. America.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America Final Night Pageants

These pictures are from the ladies facebook pages. We are working hard to get pictures up but know many of you have been waiting to see some pictures. More to come soon.

Western States Miche Bags and Brandi Townsend THANK YOU FOR OUR GREAT PURSES

THANK YOU Brandi our official Miche Bag State Sponsor for the ROCKIN' Purses..... All the Mrs. Idaho ladies will be styling with these on their hands.

You can order this purse from Brandi contact her at Western States Miche Bags 208-406-8511


Friday, February 11, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Day 2 Pageant Interviews

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Day 2 More Contestant Prizes and FUN rehearsals

As Heidi reign comes to an end the girls lift her spirits and celebrate her year.

Are we at cheerleading camp or a pageant? Hard to tell today...... We are physically fit playful beauty queens.

We have each others backs when it comes to supporting each other during the 2011 Mrs. Idaho America Pageant

Oh aren't we adorable...... Wish we had a picture of them at age 5 to see how much they have changed.

Practicing for state costume. Kaley, Suzanne and Kimberly stop for a photo.

Oh yea..... a break we get to rest.

Cookie and Ellen stop for a quick photo during a break.
Go Girls!!! We will be looking great tomorrow during opening number.
Debbie, Lindsay, Ellen, and Beverly
Debbie with just part of her state costume. Can't wait to see it all tomorrow night at the pageant.
Lindsay, Kristie, Kaley, Nadia, Suzanne
Kimberly and Kristie were recognized today for recommending the most contestants for future pageant.
Look at our CUTE shoes donated by Gowns and Portraits. We have Gorgeous TOES!!!
Thank you Helena Maries Boutique in Star, Idaho and Carolyn Schreiner for our adorable crown hots and bags
Thank you Weiser Classic Candy for our YUMMY Chocolate we will be saving them to eat after swimsuit competition haha!
OHHHH have you seen the new Savvy Magazine? So much good stuff to learn about pageants and style!
Thank you Pamper Chef and Kate Jensen Independent Director - We will be cooking in style.
We are excited to support the Susan G. Komen foundation. Thank you for our gift bags full of fun Komen supplies.

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Day 1 QUEENS DINNER

Mrs. Idaho America 2011 Contestants, Mrs. Idaho America 2010 Heidi Parson and our SUPER AWESOME waiter GIL. Thank you to Marie Callender's for supporting the 2011 Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.

Kaley was Debbie's secret sister for this years pageant. Kaley loves the color plum so Debbie made her a blanket for her gift

Beverly was Lindsay's secret sister for this years pageant. Beverly gave Lindsay a VERY warm towel and some slippers since they both volunteered to freeze their buns off in the Polar Bear Challenge on New Years Day.

Suzanne was Ellen's secret sister. Ellen gave Suzanne a fruit basket and chocolates since those are 2 of Suzanne's favorite things. Suzanne's favorite color is green so Ellen thoughtfully put a green ribbon on the basket.

Teresa is receiving her award for holding the title of Mrs. City of Trees.
Cookie receives her trophy for being awarded for Mrs. Jefferson County.

Ladies in front of Marie Callender's! Thank you for a GREAT night and GREAT food. We will all be coming back with our families. YUMMY PIE as well!

Former Mrs. Idaho's never miss a chance for dinner and visiting with friends.
The ladies LOVE their new BIG SEXY HAIR bags and PRODUCT!

Kisses anyone??? Oh ya, sorry WE ARE TAKEN.....
Maribella Makeup thank you for our blush
Redken Hair Products..... We will look great all year!
Bosley Hair Products are going to make our hair look amazing.
Heidi says "Yeah for BIG SEXY HAIR!!!"
TIGI Hair Product is our new BEST FRIEND

Pureology keeping our hair clean and healthy
Matrix really is GREAT STUFF
We had a great time at dinner and receiving just some of our gifts from our state sponsors on Thursday night. The contestants are receiving more on Friday so stay tuned for more fun pictures to come. The GREAT part is the contestants gifts are estimated at over $500..... If you are thinking about being a part of the pageant this is just ONE of the benefits.
Thank you again to ALL our state sponsors!


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