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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sondra Mrs. Boise Hosts Party at Her Home

Juliet Mrs. ID 05 (with Baby on Board), Jamie Mrs. ID 09, Liz Mrs. Id 06
Melinda Mrs. Central Valley, Jamie Mrs. ID 09, Kristie Mrs. Capital City

Several of the 2010 Mrs. Idaho America Contestants with Jamie Mrs. Idaho 2009

Rachel Mrs. Nampa, Deborah Mrs. Treasure Valley, Sondra Mrs. Boise, Erika Mrs. Meridian, Ellon Mrs. Rexburg, SuzAnn Mrs. Kuna, Kristie Mrs. Capital City, Amy Mrs. Eagle, Heidi Mrs. Idaho Falls, and JoAnna Mrs. Ada County

Deborah Mrs. Eagle, Sondra Mrs. Boise, Erika Mrs. Meridian, Ellon Mrs. Rexburg, SuzAnn Mrs. Kuna

Erika, Ellon and SuzAnn

Deborah Mrs. Treasure Valley, Rachel Mrs. Nampa and Kristie Mrs. Capital City

Jamie Mrs. ID 2009 and Heidi Mrs. Idaho Falls

JoAnna Mrs. Ada County and Ellon Mrs. Rexburg

Amy Mrs. Eagle, Erika Mrs. Meridian, Lisa Mrs. Pocatello and SuzAnn Mrs. Kuna

Juliet Mrs. ID 05 and Ellon Mrs. Rexburg

Jamie Mrs. Idaho 09 and Lisa Mrs. Pocatello
Kristie Mrs. Capital City, Amy Mrs. Eagle, and JoAnna Mrs. Ada County

What a great spread Sondra had at the party and what a beautiful home thanks to Sondra and her family or being such great hosts.
Natasha Mrs. Eastern Idaho, Heidi Mrs. Idaho Falls, Erika Mrs. Meridian, JoAnna Mrs. Ada County, Amy Mrs. Eagle, Kristie Mrs. Capital City and Melinda Mrs. Central Valley
Posted by Mandi Feely

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mrs. Central Idaho visits Ashley Manor Retirement Home

Today my Sister in Law Heidi McMullin and I went to Ashley Manor Retirement Home and offered free haircuts. They were so sweet and we enjoyed spending our time with them.
I will keep working on getting some more pics, and hopefully with my banner :)
Melinda McMullin

Mrs. Southern Idaho helps Missionaries

Here is me and a couple missionaries that we helped out. I was trying to give the one bunny ears but it doesn't show well in the picture. LOL!

Angela Thomas
Mrs. Southern Idaho

Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake

This weekend I was the team captain for TEAM RSCI at Westy’s Lanes for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake. Bowl for Kids' Sake is about having fun to help kids. It is one of our most important fundraising events. Funds raised go directly toward matching children with carefully screened, caring Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I am a big sister to a little girl who I get together with every other weekend to explore Boise and it is a blast every single time. I was able to raise $1,200.00 in donations for this event. I would like to send out special a “Thank You” to my following pageant sisters: Elizabeth Amar Mrs. Idaho America 2006, Heidi Parson Mrs. Idaho Fall 2010, Juliet Barnhart Mrs. Emmett 2010 and Deb Viehweg Mrs. Eagle 2009 for purchasing raffle tickets.

Sondra Lavoie
Mrs. Boise 2010

Meridian Firefighter's 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff

Yesterday, Mrs, Boise, Sondra LaVoie and I were judges for the Meridian Firefighter's 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff. Proceeds benefitted the Meridian Firefighter’s Association and its Burn Out Fund, which helps area residents who have lost their homes to fire. The fund is designed to help people with a place to stay and food for a couple of days until their insurance kicks in. We had such a good time hanging out with everyone and eating TONS of YUMMY chili!

The first pic is of Sondra and I giving the coordinator of the event, Meridian Fire Captain Bill Allen a BIG kiss!

The second pic is of Sondra and I with some of my friends from the Eagle Fire Department team!

The third pic is of Sondra and I with the Hampton Inn team, one of our sponsors for this year's pageant!

The last pic is of Sondra and I with some of the guys from the Meridian Firefighter Pipe and Drum Corp! These guys know how to ROCK an event with their drums and bagpipes!

Hugs, Erika

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mrs. Eastern Idaho attends Simplot Games at Idaho State University

I had an amazing time participating at the Simplot Games in the Holt Arena at ISU today. My family came and watched high school kids from all over the country and even Canada compete in track and field events while I helped serve lunch to the dignitaries and even a few former Olympians! It was a great day!


Mrs. Ada County and Mrs. Capital City - Brave Freezing Water for Special Olympics

Mrs. Ada County Joann Ellis and Mrs. Capital City Krisitie Bear take the plunge for the Idaho Special Olympics. They were very brave in 34 degree weather and a freezing cold pool. Good news these beauty queens warmed up in the hot tub after and had fun being interviewed by the media. WAY TO GO LADIES, making a difference for the Special Olympics Athletes of Idaho.
Posted by Mandi Feely

Mrs. Boise and Mrs. Meridian take the plunge for the Special Olympics

At Midnight Mrs. Meridian Erika Wonacott and Mrs. Boise Sondra LaVoie took the a cold swim for the Penguin Plunge for the Idaho Special Olympics. They are looking beautiful and have great smiles even when they are freezing. Thank you to my friend Eric Willis who spent the entire 48 hours jumping in the cold water for inviting the Mrs. Idaho America ladies to join in on the fun.
Posted by Mandi Feely

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mrs. Southern Idaho - Making a Difference in Her Community

I just received these photos of Mrs. Southern Idaho. I hope you enjoy the photos and her commentary on the events. Mandi Feely Idaho Pageant Board

I recently helped at the Valentine's Day party at ALA Magic Valley 4 Kids. It was great. Most of their children were there that day and we had a blast decorating cookies, reading a story and playing duck, duck, goose. We weren't sure how the children would do playing the game but they did wonderfully. Such sweet and amazing children. It was also interesting to see my own children playing along side them. My children don't have many friends and don't play much with others. It was just a great day all around. ~Angela~
I was able to volunteer with the ALA Magic Valley 4 Kids where two of my children attend therapy. What an amazing organization that has helped me so much with both of my special needs kids. It was nice to give something back to them. ~Angela~

Pictured her is Mandie the Manager of Magic Valley Mall and myself we volunteered to help raise money and awareness for Mothers Against Meth. It was an awesome experience trying to help young people and Mothers stay away from drugs. I am glad I decided to be a title holder for the Mrs. Idaho Pageant it is helping me make a difference in my community. ~Angela~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mrs. Emmett works with Emmett High School students

We have a group of Emmett High school students that I help in their P.E. Education. They come in at least 2-3 times a week. I'll send more pics with this group.

Hugs to all!

Juliet Barnhart
Mrs. Emmett

Mrs. Boise Donates Blood at the American Red Cross

Hello There,

Yesterday on Feb.8 I donated blood to the American Red Cross. Every minute of every day, someone needs blood. That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like us who makes the choice to donate. There is no substitute for our donation. When we make a blood donation, we join a very select group. Currently only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood. From its beginning, the American Red Cross has formed a community of service, of generous, strong and decent people bound by beliefs beyond themselves. The American Red Cross blood donor embodies this principle. As a busy mom, giving a donation such as this is easy, free and helps our local community. It was a pleasure to be representing the MIA pageant as Mrs. Boise with my community donating blood for those in need.


Sondra Lavoie

Mrs. Boise 2010

Mrs. Meridian speaks to VISIONs Troop

On February 9th I was honored to be asked by Mrs. Boise to come speak to her VISIONs troop. The topic I had the privilege to speak on was about Women in Non-Traditional Working Roles. Both Mrs.Boise and I work in industries that are primarily dominated by men. The best part was having the girls time me putting on my turn-outs in one minute and twelve seconds. It was a blast to show these girls that being a woman and a firefighter/mom/wife/military sergeant/business owner and talking to them could expand their minds and career horizons. Thank you Mrs. Boise, you are Five Star!

Erika Wonacott
Mrs. Meridian


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