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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mrs. Southern Idaho - Making a Difference in Her Community

I just received these photos of Mrs. Southern Idaho. I hope you enjoy the photos and her commentary on the events. Mandi Feely Idaho Pageant Board

I recently helped at the Valentine's Day party at ALA Magic Valley 4 Kids. It was great. Most of their children were there that day and we had a blast decorating cookies, reading a story and playing duck, duck, goose. We weren't sure how the children would do playing the game but they did wonderfully. Such sweet and amazing children. It was also interesting to see my own children playing along side them. My children don't have many friends and don't play much with others. It was just a great day all around. ~Angela~
I was able to volunteer with the ALA Magic Valley 4 Kids where two of my children attend therapy. What an amazing organization that has helped me so much with both of my special needs kids. It was nice to give something back to them. ~Angela~

Pictured her is Mandie the Manager of Magic Valley Mall and myself we volunteered to help raise money and awareness for Mothers Against Meth. It was an awesome experience trying to help young people and Mothers stay away from drugs. I am glad I decided to be a title holder for the Mrs. Idaho Pageant it is helping me make a difference in my community. ~Angela~

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