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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mrs. Sun Valley 2011 ~ Suzanne Buchannan

During the Dollar Mountain 10K, I had the great pleasure of recording entrance times and bib numbers. What a fun and inspiring community of runners to work with. Hopefully, they will inspire me to run a big race one of these days. US Olympian and Sun Valley resident, Morgan Arritola, came in 1st place!

Happy weekend to all of you!


Mrs. Boise 2011 ~ Lindsay Campbell

Email and pictures from Lindsay Campbell Mrs. Boise 2011

I have been a really busy lady as of late but it's been such a great experience and thank you again for allowing me to be Mrs. Boise! I forever am in debt to you gals!

Attached are some photo's from Brasher's Auto Auction Smoker Event held every year to benefit 7 different charities. The Smoker is an event where amature boxers get in the ring and fight it out until the last man is standing. The charity event is also called "Last man standing" which is held at this event. I was asked from the Boise Rescue Mission to gather some friends and help out, so we did just that! This year, the approximate money raised is estimated to be between $60,000 and $70,000!

The first picture is with Jason from the Boise Rescue Mission with a couple girl friends and myself. Jason coordinates the volunteer services and has been a great inspiration to me.

The next picture is me with some service men and they were extremely kind and respectful. I got the opportunity to thank them for serving our great country.

The last one is with the winner of the Smoker and some of the volunteers. He won a Championship Belt presented by Brasher's Auto Auction!

Thank you ladies again and talk to you soon!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mrs. Boise 2011 ~ Lindsay Campbell

Recent email from Mrs. Boise:

These pictures are from the Boise Rescue Mission Golf Tournament held at Shadow Valley Golf Course. The mission raised approximately $24,000 in one day! It was amazing to be apart of it and even be considered as a "local celebrity" and make a speech to thank them for everything they do. I am truly blessed to be able to be apart of such a large organization and also see what the community can offer in terms of raising money for such a great cause. The second picture is with the group of "local celebrities" and they range from business owners to news anchormen, Rev. Roscoe with the mission and even BSU Football players as well as I got to meet and talk with the new basketball coach for BSU. What a blast!!!!

Mrs. Twin Falls 2011 ~ Kimberly Paige & Mrs. Southern Idaho ~ Angela Thomas

Also I have attached pictures from Western Days where Angela (Mrs. Southern Idaho) and I helped out with the information booth and we also led the whole Opening Ceremonies. It was fun, except for the constant rain and thunnderstorms the whole time! Lisa was the Chair over all of Western Days and she was so nice and happy even with the weather conditions.

Kimberly Paige
Mrs. Twin Falls

Mrs. Boise 2011 ~ Lindsay Campbell

Hey ladies!

Here are a couple more pictures. The first one is Reverend Bill Roscoe, Executive Director at the Boise Rescue Mission. I am doing a drive for womens, childrens and mens clothing, as well as any old items friends and family don't need anymore such as pots and pans and sheets. The items that are on the table and in the bin behind us are all from donations that I was able to donate. One person really can make a difference!

The second and third picture is from a benefit for children with disabilities. Angelia Devine (Mrs. Boise Intl. 2010) is a good friend and we went together to help support the cause. Who knew I would be stuck doing improv?! It was a highly entertaining evening to say the least!

Thank you ladies!

Lindsay Campbell

Mrs. Sun Valley 2011~ Suzanne Buchannan

A recent email from Mrs. Sun Valley:
This morning, the kids and I were Animal Shelter volunteers. We met other Animal Shelter volunteers at Adams Gulch in Sun Valley and my family was paired up with 8 week old Mack. We were able to play with Mack and take him for a beautiful hike. What a sweet and fun dog! We had such a great time as a family. I think we have started a new family tradition with the animal shelter.

It was a cold June morning, so my beautiful sash is hidden under my coat.


Mrs. Twin Falls 2011 ~ Kimberly Paige

Here are pictures from a recent email we received from Mrs. Twin Falls 2011

The first 2 pictures are from the Sun Valley Half Marathon that we went to today. It was inspiring to see people push themselves to run or jog 13.1 miles up and down hills. My husband and I had flags that we got to wave down cars with and direct traffic with. I did love cheering everyone on at the 2 1/2 mile marker and also at the finish line.

I also ran into Mrs. Sun Valley, who was part of the volunteer committee, and she was so wonderful to meet. She came straight up and introduced herself because she didn't have her banner on, and she was awesome to talk to!

I am starting to look like I am pregnant, which is a good thing since I am 6 months along. But I wanted to let you guys know since we are family now, that I am having a little baby girl. We are naming her Allie Lynn Paige, and we are so excited!

For the last picture, it is from when I talked to a bunch of girls on Wednesday, from ages 8-11, about being the best you can be. It was wonderful because I got to talk to them about one of my favorite people, Miss. America 1995, Heather Whitestone. She was almost completely deaf and she had for her talent as Ballet, she was wonderful in her interview, and was a good person to be around. I then showed the girls some signs before they had to leave because I love doing sign language.

Thanks for the help,
Kimberly Paige
Mrs. Twin Falls

Mrs. Twin Falls 2011 ~ Kimberly Paige

We received this picture and email from Kimberly Paige Mrs. Twin Falls 2011 recently.

Hope all is well. As for me I am still living even though being pregnant definitely makes me tired. I wanted to let you know that today I made an appearance at a Fundraiser for 2 local kids who are going to a national bowling camp and competition. I helped with giving out tickets and keeping track of how many dinner tickets were sold. I loved greeting everyone as they were coming in because they all were so excited to go bowling and have all you can eat pizza with a drink. They were able to raise enough money to go next month to this event and were so thankful for all the help.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Kimberly Paige
Mrs. Twin Falls

Mrs. Idaho 2010 Delegates ~ Miss Tami's Tea House

Amy Janson Mrs. Eagle and 1st runner-up organized a fun luncheon to get her 2010 pageant sisters together at Miss Tami's Tea House in Meridian. The ladies had a great time visiting and catching up on their lives and pageant fun.

Mrs. Sun Valley 2011 ~ Suzanne Buchannan

Here is the recent email we received from Mrs. Sun Valley:

To help continue to spread the word of the benefits of active families, I took my kids over to the animal shelter again. This time, we nurtured and loved their cats. Plus, we were able to take our favorite puppy out for some fresh air and play time. Such a great time volunteering with my kids. The animal shelter director mentioned that since I wrote my last blog post about hiking with the animal shelter dogs, roughly 30 kids showed up last week to hike with the dogs! They were excited about how many more kids are now getting involved. The Sun Valley dogs and cats must be having a fun summer!

Mrs. Boise 2011 ~ Lindsay Campbell

Mrs. Boise sent this email from recent appearances:

The first picture is of a group I got together to clean up Table Rock on a rainy day.
This first four are from the Sex and the City fashion show with Tod Alan, the Costume Shop, Hyjinx Comedy Club and benefit Human Rights. I had two outfits, one from the ladies in the new movie go to Dubai so I got to represent that portion of the show and the second was one of Tod Alan's.

This next four are from the Sex and the City fashion show with Tod Alan, the Costume Shop, Hyjinx Comedy Club and benefit Human Rights. I had two outfits, one from the ladies in the new movie go to Dubai so I got to represent that portion of the show and the second was one of Tod Alan's.

Then the last picture is from a comedy club that did a benefit to help raise money for children with disabilities. I got called up on stage to do improv, I can tell you, it was rough! lol!!!

More to come! Thank you ladies!

Lindsay Campbell
Mrs. Boise

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idaho Directors attend Mrs. Colorado America Pageant

Great time with great Mrs. America friends, Kelly McBee Mrs. America 2007, Kelly's daughter, Libby Crawford Mrs. Oregon State Director, our new friend and make-up artist Walter, Mandi, Nicole Brink Mrs. World 2003 and Mrs. America 2002, Susan and Sher.

Libby, Walter & Mandi

Old friends Mandi Mrs. Id 2003 and Nicole Brink Mrs. World, Mrs. America and Mrs. Indiana 2001,

Mandi with Host of Keeper of the Crown
Top 15 at the Mrs. Colorado America Pageant
Top 10 at the Mrs. Colorado America Pageant
New Mrs. Colorado receives flowers from her husband after being crowned
Top 5 waiting to answer on-stage questions from left to right, 3rd runner-up, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, new Mrs. Colorado and 4th runner-up
Top 15 contestants in front and all 52 beautiful contestants on stage.
Thank you for a great trip and thank you to Emily Mrs. Colorado for being such a nice hostess.

Mrs. Idaho America heads to Las Vegas in preparation for Mrs. America

Sheri Hill visits Mrs. Idaho America 2010 Heidi Parsons

Mrs. Virginia and Mrs. Idaho meet one another in Las Vegas

Mr. & Mrs. Idaho America 2010 Brett & Heidi Parson's meet with Tony Bowls in Las Vegas

Tony and Heidi in Las Vegas

Mrs. Idaho America Gang at Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Go Pink or Go Home!

Melinda McMullin Mrs. Central Valley with her sweet little girl.

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant thinks married Ladies ROCK and our kids are cute as punch.
Check out the cute pink puppy Juliet Mrs. Emmett is holding.
Before the race we are all ready to go! Thanks to Susan for the Juice and Muffins.
Rrrrr.... Go Stampede!
Jamie Mrs. Idaho 2009 catches up with her friends Kristy Mrs. Capital City, Juliet Mrs. Emmett, and JoAnna Mrs. Ada County

Heidi Parsons Mrs. Idaho America 2010 - Visits Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce pictures from Heidi.

1st picture - Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

2nd picture - Public Information Officer- Knut K. Meyerin, Idaho State Senate- Dean M. Mortimer, State Legislature of Idaho -Jeff Thompson

3rd picture - Had the opportunity to Share my goals for the year as Mrs. Idaho and ask for support from the Businesses and Leaders of Idaho Falls During the Chamber of Commerce luncheon


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