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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mrs. Boise 2011 ~ Lindsay Campbell

Email and pictures from Lindsay Campbell Mrs. Boise 2011

I have been a really busy lady as of late but it's been such a great experience and thank you again for allowing me to be Mrs. Boise! I forever am in debt to you gals!

Attached are some photo's from Brasher's Auto Auction Smoker Event held every year to benefit 7 different charities. The Smoker is an event where amature boxers get in the ring and fight it out until the last man is standing. The charity event is also called "Last man standing" which is held at this event. I was asked from the Boise Rescue Mission to gather some friends and help out, so we did just that! This year, the approximate money raised is estimated to be between $60,000 and $70,000!

The first picture is with Jason from the Boise Rescue Mission with a couple girl friends and myself. Jason coordinates the volunteer services and has been a great inspiration to me.

The next picture is me with some service men and they were extremely kind and respectful. I got the opportunity to thank them for serving our great country.

The last one is with the winner of the Smoker and some of the volunteers. He won a Championship Belt presented by Brasher's Auto Auction!

Thank you ladies again and talk to you soon!

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