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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Day 2 More Contestant Prizes and FUN rehearsals

As Heidi reign comes to an end the girls lift her spirits and celebrate her year.

Are we at cheerleading camp or a pageant? Hard to tell today...... We are physically fit playful beauty queens.

We have each others backs when it comes to supporting each other during the 2011 Mrs. Idaho America Pageant

Oh aren't we adorable...... Wish we had a picture of them at age 5 to see how much they have changed.

Practicing for state costume. Kaley, Suzanne and Kimberly stop for a photo.

Oh yea..... a break we get to rest.

Cookie and Ellen stop for a quick photo during a break.
Go Girls!!! We will be looking great tomorrow during opening number.
Debbie, Lindsay, Ellen, and Beverly
Debbie with just part of her state costume. Can't wait to see it all tomorrow night at the pageant.
Lindsay, Kristie, Kaley, Nadia, Suzanne
Kimberly and Kristie were recognized today for recommending the most contestants for future pageant.
Look at our CUTE shoes donated by Gowns and Portraits. We have Gorgeous TOES!!!
Thank you Helena Maries Boutique in Star, Idaho and Carolyn Schreiner for our adorable crown hots and bags
Thank you Weiser Classic Candy for our YUMMY Chocolate we will be saving them to eat after swimsuit competition haha!
OHHHH have you seen the new Savvy Magazine? So much good stuff to learn about pageants and style!
Thank you Pamper Chef and Kate Jensen Independent Director - We will be cooking in style.
We are excited to support the Susan G. Komen foundation. Thank you for our gift bags full of fun Komen supplies.

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