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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beverly Hartle ~ Mrs. Meridian 2011

This was an exciting event to be a part of. The organization that put on this fun run is called "Race for the Nations". It is a group of athletes that raise money to send missionaries to different areas of the world such as Mexico, Romania and Congo to assist in different areas needed. Currently they are raising money to go to help the children in orphanages in China.

Either volunteering for such events or being a participant has such an impact on those you are helping. A little goes a long way when there are many willing to sacrifice their time and do something they love also..such as running for me.

We ran the 5k along the Boise river and into the trees with only a headlamp or body lights to light the way in the darkness. It is symbolic to recognize that when we were altogether running in a pack, it was easy to see the path ahead with everyones lights lighting the way. When I was on my own running through the trees with noone around me is when it was more difficult to see on my own. That is such the way, that we cannot do it on our own. We need the "light" of others to help accomplish the goal. promotes all of us to "Be the Light" to incorporate HOPE in the lives of others.
Hugs, Bev

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