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Friday, January 14, 2011

Beverly Hartle ~ Mrs. Meridian 2011

I was invited by friends to join them in serving the first dinner of the New Year 2011 at the River of Life Men's home at the Boise Rescue mission.

What a truly humbling experience this was to serve nearly 300 men, women and children a wonderful hot meal during the course of several hours that evening. James, the volunteer director gave us a tour of the kitchen . We stood in the large freezer and the pantry that stocked the canned goods that were donated from the community. He handed out the aprons, we washed our hands, pulled on our gloves and happily served in our assembly line. The hungry folks came in and patiently waited at their tables as they were served by the cheerful young boys anxious to serve them.

Several men are part of a incentive working program called New Life that encourages them in getting back on their feet and return to establishing themselves in the community once again after rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse. There were the stories of many and all were so grateful of having a safe and warm place where they could go for a meal and a place to lay their head. Indeed they were also so appreciative of us showing them we care by serving them.

It was I that walked away with a most grateful heart and warm feeling in doing some good on the first day of the New Year and hoping to carry that feeling throughout the year. I am so blessed!

Happy New Year,


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