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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lindsay Campbell ~ Mrs. Boise 2011

On December 16, I was asked by Protect Idaho Kids to do a television spot featuring local events for families, children and fun stuff for the community during the Christmas time. I know you can't post that, but thought you'd enjoy, so it's attached. They introduced me as "Mrs. Boise herself" which was kind of fun and made me smile, but when I watched it, it has the title of "Mrs. Idaho" under my name... kind of is a BIG funny oops, but it's nothing I could have controlled.

Sorry :-(

On December 16, 2010, I was asked to join my daughters class for some holiday baking and also speak to the children about how to give back without having much money to spend (they are kids, so they don't have much). We spent the afternoon working on perfecting the dough, baking them, letting them cool and then the decorations were next! Talk about a fun, silly group of girls I got to hang out with. I was with 6 young girls for most of the day and we had such a blast with all the festivities! Next, I got to speak with the entire class about how to give back. We talked about how many different things we can do, even as children. Some of the children were very creative with suggestions they can use on their own to do some volunteerism in our very own community. I hope I was able to influence these young children to do good deeds and pay it forward each and everyday of their lives!

Lindsay R. Campbell

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